Ghata Tarang

Ghata Tarang,

The other side of ghatam

The Ghata Tharang is a unique performance idea conceptualised by Sukkanya.Inspired by the ‘Ghatamala’ that she played along with her guru, Sukkanya came up with the idea of the ‘Ghata Tharang’ as an exploration into the melodic character of the percussive instrument. She chose a set of six ghatams of different shrutis (pitch) corresponding to a raga scale and played on them to create melody. She first demonstrated this during the Ghatam seminar conducted by the Percussive Arts centre in Bangalore in 1994. Subsequently, in 1996, she also presented this in a lecture demonstration at The Madras Music Academy, where it won her the best lecture demonstration award.

Since then there has been no looking back. Sukkanya’s passion, backed by encouragement from senior and fellow musicians and music organizations, has motivated her to work meticulously on the idea of the Ghata Tharang. Compositions for the Ghata Tharang are specially composed by her. Over the past two decades GHATA THARANG has evolved a special identity in the field of performance. From concert to concert, ghata tharang has been fine tuned by Sukkanya and today the Ghata Tharang has created a niche for itself in various music circles. For the first time, the ghatam has come to occupy centre stage and is therefore a revolution in the field. While it is difficult to play even one ghatam, Sukkanya’s sheer determination to fight against odds has made this concept possible.

Sukkanya along with her team Sthree Thaal Tharang has presented over 200 Ghata Tharang concerts in India and abroad.