• Ghatam Artist

    Sukkanya Ramgopal is the first woman ghatam artist of India and is one of the frontline musicians of the country today.

Introducing Video
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The Vikku Baani of Ghatam Playing

The purpose of this book is not really to create a new percussion language that is unique for ghatam playing. The idea is to see how the common ‘Tha Dhi Thom Num’ language can be interpreted on the ghatam in the ‘Vikku baani’..

Latest Performances

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Kutcheri & Events

News, events and Kutcheris.

  • Book Release of "Sunaadam"

    Book Release function during sep 2016.

  • Sangeet Natak Academy Award

    Sukkanya has been selected for Central Sangeetha Nritya Acedamy award for the year 2014. This is one of the prestigious awards and will be presented by President of India on 23 rd October 2015.

  • Vani Kala Nipuna Award

    Sri Jayanti Music Festival

  • Concert at Mysore

    April 15, 2016 @ Nadabrahma Sangeeta Sabha.

  • Concert at Bangalore

    April 17, 2016 @ Bangalore, Ghata Tarang.