Sthree Thal Tharang

Sthree Thal Tarang,

The symphony with Ghatam

In 1995, Sukkanya gathered a group of young and talented women artists and formed the ‘Sthree Thaal Tharang’’ – an instrumental ensemble of women artists playing the veena, violin, mridangam and morching along with the ghatam, ghata tharang and konnakol. This ensemble is one of the very few women’s ensembles in the country. The artists of Sthree Thaal Tharang are all talented musicians in their own right and when they play together there is a delightful exuberance and a magical charm.

Sthree Thaal Tharang’s ‘Laya Raga Samarpanam’ concerts are largely structured on the lines of a Carnatic music concert. They are a blend of traditional Carnatic pieces where the ghatam accompanies the veena and violin; then there are special compositions that are created for the Ghata Tharang, where the melody is played on the ghatam and the other instruments accompany. The concerts range from one to three hours and have greater rhythmic orientation with the Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi on the Ghata Tharang forming the highpoint of the concert. Under Sukkanya’s able leadership, Sthree Thaal Tharang has gained immense popularity in India and abroad and has received great accolades. The group has to its credit four music albums titled Rainbow, Shiva Shakti Swayambho, Layamrutham and Pulsation.